Book Tour and Review: Nura and the Immortal Palace by M.T. Khan

The book centers on child labor and this is very prominent from start to finish. In the human world, Nura was working on a mine along with a bunch of kids, and the same fate awaited her when she was brought to the world of the jinn. It seems to portray the reality that a lot of kids are forced to work for several reasons. Some of them have to share the burden of providing for the family, some kids get random jobs to save up for school while some just didn't have any other choice but to work for survival.

Recent Reads: 2022 First Quarter

Book wrap up is something I seldom do, because I find it hard to compress my thoughts on each book to a single post. I can ramble on and turn the post into something no one might ever want to read. But this time, I’ll try and do my best! Here's a wrap-up for all the books I’ve read for the first quarter of 2022!

Book Review #2: All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir

There are two things I have confirmed after reading All My Rage: 1. Sabaa Tahir is an author who will continue to hurt me- as a reader- with her writing and storytelling. But I'm a slave and I welcome pain if it's from her. 2. This book will definitely be one of my most memorable reads for this year, and may join A Very Large Expanse of Sea on the spot for my most favorite YA book of all time.

I’m on a Middle Grade Fantasy High

Recently, I'm drawn to Middle Grade fantasy books. As a fully-functioning, sleep-deprived adult, I believe we should take all the breaks and escape we need to survive. Today, I'm listing down recent middle grade fantasy books I've read and why I think they can offer you the escape you might not know you need.